Scarlett, newborn shoot

I’m still absolutely adoring newborn sessions. They are not easy, because you might have finally placed baby in position and something startles them even ever so slightly and they are out of position and you have to start again. I just roll with it now and try my best to just go with baby, find a position comfortable for them and keep them warm and wrapped which helps them feel safe and secure.

I think because there is just so much love from the parents it radiates out, I have always found it an honour to spend this precious time with babies and I still do. When newborns look at you you know that you are one of the first people apart from family and close friends they have gazed upon. There is something so humbling about that.

Scarlett was so alert, she just looks serene in this picture and how cute that her hands are clasped, just wonderful!IMG_0428



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