Monthly Archives: February 2016

Gemma Smith-23-Jun-15 22:02

I had the most amazing day with you vicky! Newborns don’t stay new for long and it’s so lovely to have these moments captured forever! The hard part is choosing out of so many beautiful pictures! I for one will keep coming back as you are a true professional and clearly love what you do!

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Rachel Chick – 24-Jun-15 09:22

We had our newborn photos taken with Victoria when our daughter was born. We were truly taken with every single photo and it was definitely one of our precious memories of one of the first things we did as a family. She was friendly and easy to get along with which is what you need

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Beautiful Maisey, a family friends newborn. It was lovely to be able to photograph and spend some time with this little one. She was so sensitive, every time she was touched her moro reflex jumped into action, so we had to really take our time and make sure she was wrapped. I tried out my

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George & Harry

I love seeing this family, I’ve photographed George since he was a baby & now I’m photographing his little brother Harry. It’s really nice that they have kept coming back to me, not only do I appreciate their loyalty, but you build up a relationship which makes the little ones easier to photograph. George even

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Scarlett, newborn shoot

I’m still absolutely adoring newborn sessions. They are not easy, because you might have finally placed baby in position and something startles them even ever so slightly and they are out of position and you have to start again. I just roll with it now and try my best to just go with baby, find a

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Little phoebe, so sweet, she was a little tentative & then she saw her little cat Jess (teddy!) and she was beaming. This is her second shoot with me, she is very calm – unless she is being changed but then I’ve never known a baby like being changed! It really is a pleasure seeing these little

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Bertie, 5 months

This was such a lovely shoot, Bertie has the most amazing eyes which were awesome to photograph. Mum and Dad (aka Kerry and Mark) were also very chilled out and this led to a very relaxed shoot. I adore this shot especially as Bertie is lying on a blanket knitted by his nan, it makes

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Chloe’s newborn shoot

This is Chloe, she was very calm and sleepy and we were able to get quite a few different poses. I love how curly she looks in this round basket, she was so snug I didn’t want too move her! Its funny to me that my two loves are newborn photography and landscape photography. I

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Amelie, 1st birthday Cake Smash

I’ve just printed this picture and I adore the shot, Amelie has cake all round her mouth and she is smiling at her Mum… almost as if she knows she shouldn’t be allowed to get away with eating all this cake but on this occasion it’s ok!   Um… am I in trouble now?