9 day old newborn photo shoot…

How adorable is this little boy! This picture was a joint effort by Mum Sadie and me. Such patience from Sadie as I got Arlo into the perfect position. Amazing to think that by next week he’ll probably be too big to fit into Mum’s hands like this. I’ve been trying to get this shot for a while, I had visualised it in my head and almost achieved it a couple of weeks ago, but not quite. Each shoot is always different as every baby is different and so you can’t always achieve the same poses. I really do work with baby cues and see how comfortable they are in certain poses, and don’t push it when they don’t look relaxed. Arlo took a while to go to sleep, but once he gave in he was in a very deep sleep and I was able to position him without waking. Thanks again to his Mum. Newborn shoots need a lot of patience, but if you are patient the results are wonderful! x


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