Newborn images in my newborn bowl.

Sometimes with newborns, it takes a while to find a position they really like, this was Arlo’s whether in the bowl or in his Mum’s hands. They certainly let you know when they are comfortable and when they are not! This bowl is fairly small and I’ve had some newborns that I know are not going to fit in it. Safety is my concern at all times, so I had the Mum keep her hand on Arlo, so he felt safe, she then lifted her hand up just above and I took the picture. I then cloned her hand out of shot.

arlo 2

These shots in his Mum’s hands are so precious, he was very comfortable in this position. This image makes me feel sleepy! I always love it at this point of the shoot, when the newborn is┬ádeeply sleeping. It took a while with Arlo, but we absolutely made the most of it when he did. I also pick up on the vibes of the parents, a bit like the newborns, and I’ve found if they are calm so is the baby. This session was very chilled out and so we were able to achieve what we wanted to achieve x


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