New Year, new studio space


So, its 2017, a new year and its a new studio space for me. I was at Charmborough Farm for years, so it was tough decision to move. The move was necessary though, as I recently went onto the transplant list. If I get the call I¬†will have to drop everything, so I needed to have a space I could rent as and when I needed it. I live in Frome, so its nice to be close to the studio space. I had my first shoot last¬†Saturday and all went well, I’m very pleased to say! My new space is above epicocity gym, on the Marston trading estate. The owner Jo Beale has been very accommodating, which has made the transition much easier.

I have been photographing babies for 6 years, and many of my clients, very loyally have stayed with me. So, my business has changed in that I am now photographing more children. Outdoor photo shoots suit children perfectly. They are able to run around, be free and I think it is much more enjoyable for them. I also love being outdoors, so its great for me too. If only the british weather was a bit more reliable!



New Studio space


My first shoot and I used greys, whites and blues, which I think are the colours that many people are using in their homes this year. I always love neutrals and whites, and greys look beautiful on camera. Little Marlowe was three weeks old, she was apparently a very sleepy newborn. But she decided to be wide awake for the shoot! We got both awake and sleepy shots though and it is always nice to get both.

Happy new year to all my clients and anyone reading this blog. Hopefully 2017 will be a great year for us all!

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