About Me


Hi, thank you for taking the time to read about me and visit my website. My name is Victoria.

My love of photography started after I became unwell. This changed my attitude in so many ways, but really it taught me to see the beauty surrounding me. I was at Bangor university at the time – on the doorstep of Snowdonia and this beautiful landscape combined with my studies (I studied archaeology) gave me a tangible appreciation for my surroundings, and so developed my first love – landscape photography.

Leaving university with a passion for photography, I started photographing weddings in 2008 and eventually took on a tiny studio. It was then that I started children and baby photography – and I loved it! I progressed to a larger studio; I became a cherubs photographer accredited by the MPA and then I went out completely on my own and focussed on newborn photography. 

Ill health returned not long before my fortieth birthday and it was catastrophic. I lost my studio and livelihood. It was a devastating time, not just health wise, but personally and mentally too. I had incredible support around me and I know if I had not had that support, I would not be here. They lifted me up and carried me through.

I had a transplant and life got immeasurably better. But, the severe ill health came at a cost and I am still trying to heal and recover. Photography, as it has always been, has been a great solace. It has inspired me, got me out into the elements and it helped to make me feel alive again.

I now work in admin and I am a part-time photographer. The stock image industry seems to be dying a slow death. Year on year, the rewards for photographer’s work get less and less. I focused on images for book covers, which have been interesting and fulfilling, but there have not been many financial gains. I will persevere. If my ill health has taught me anything, its that I am determined soul at heart.

Victoria x

Me sat at my computer