19th of August… Outdoor Shoots

In the last couple of years I have been asked (a lot) if I do outdoor shoots. My answer has always been no, my studio was really busy and there really wasn’t time & I didn’t like the idea of photographing outside with changing light, unpredictable weather, the list goes on. Then i started to really notice this trend toward outdoor shoots wasn’t going away, in fact it was getting more popular. So I started to practice with my family. My poor nieces and nephews must groan when I get my camera out, but they let me carry on anyway. It turns out that I’m actually really enjoying these outdoor shoots, there is more freedom for the children, which is what they want, and its easier for me to capture those natural pictures, which is always my favourite part. So, I think it will be added to my price list and I’m excited about the new challenges outdoor shoots will bring.



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