Ballet Photo Shoot

I have just photographed a ballet photo shoot. Wonderfully, for me, it was with my beautiful goddaughter Rosie!

I did a photo shoot a few months ago with a three year old little girl. She was twirling around in her floaty dress and I got a series of photographs. I put them together in a panoramic print, a bit like the picture below and it looked lovely. I wanted to try it again! So, Rosie and I had fun trying out different movements. Rosie showed me what she had been taught in her ballet lessons, and we did a variety of different dance movements. But, I just loved this series of ballet steps, showing Rosie twirling from left to right. When I was a little girl I had a Swan Lake musical jewellery box, which I loved. I think this was probably the inspiration!

I posted this picture on my facebook page, and I had such a great response. So, I decided that I am going to offer this as one of my shoots. The client would pay for the shoot and print, and then after the shoot you get a printed picture in either a 12″ x 6″ or a 16″ x 8″. We could apply this to little girls in floaty dresses dancing, hula hooping or boys doing football skills or we could incorporate any number of hobbies. Or we could just do the ballet photo shoot, it is great fun.


rosie panel


rosie sitting

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