Newborn Photo Shoot with Azari

A wonderful newborn photo shoot, with the lovely Azari. I’ve been photographing this family for the past couple of years and they’re all great. The oldest Jai even helps me out, and a very good photography assistant he is too! Azari slept the entire shoot, so we were able to achieve quite a few poses. I love this image with the bonnet. It was one of the pictures chosen to go up on Mum’s wall, one of three 20″ x 16″‘s sized prints. I love them all, but when I look at this picture I find it very gentle and calming. Azari was premature by a few weeks, and we actually did the shoot very close to her due date.

Harriett chose all black and white prints and I must say I do love black and whites. They are just so timeless. The printer I use is a canon ipf8400 and it prints wonderful pictures. The inks are pigment inks too, which means they will last up to 75 years. So, wonderfully, maybe these prints will be passed down to Azari’s grandchildren.

We did pictures of Azari on her own and with her two siblings. (I always do the sibling images first) Aston is now the middle child, and at 18 months old found the shoot a bit confusing. We managed to get a beautiful shot of the three of them though, and I’m so pleased we did. Sibling shots can be the most challenging in a newborn photo shoot. This is because, not only are you trying to get a good picture with all that entails, i.e. thinking about the lighting, posing, details. But also safety has to be paramount. In this instance, my go to pose for siblings which is lying them down, didn’t work. So instead I was able to put Aston on the white wooden chair and Jai to his side, holding his sister. It is a beautiful picture, I’m very proud of it, and Mum loves it.

9906 azari

Newborn baby Azari, she was still very flexible, and was very comfortable in this position.

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