Baby Photography – the first year

Baby Photography, the first year.

I photograph newborn babies up to five weeks and then babies from four months. These shoots are best when babies can lie on their tummies and hold their head up unaided.  At 6 to 8 months, babies are learning to sit unaided and this is a great time for photo shoots. Babies are interacting with the world and are much more expressive. I love capturing all the stages in the first year, but this is normally my favourite. At a year, little ones are normally starting to take first steps, these shoots can be challenging as understandably they don’t want to stay still! Hence, why there are cake smashes and bubble shoots, as they hold the little ones attention (for a short while!) Capturing these milestones are important as they go by so quickly.

My niece is almost 3. There was a folio frame containing photographs of Maddie at 4 months, 6 months and a year in her living room. It was taken down recently and apparently my niece kept asking where baby Maddie had gone. It is now back in the living room. It’s not only important for parents as a reminder of these milestones, but its important for the little ones too.


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